Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rob Feenie to Work For Cactus Club

Last fall Rob Feenie and his financial backers came to a parting of ways. I had been hoping to hear about a new and better high class food experience from Canada's Iron Chef. Instead I read something stunning - Rob Feenie is to be the food concept architect - do not ask me what that title means.

I thought he had done his thing for casual eating in his ads for White Spot, but no.

Cactus Club....... All it brings to my mind is a bunch of people in their 20s more interested in the beer than the food. If he were to go for casual dining, I think it would have been a better fit to work with Milestones.

I am trying to imagine the chicken wing crowd being happy with the unique food that Feenie is capable of. Cactus club is also spread over BC and Alberta - the idea of local ingredients can not be done consistently across the chain.

I think that this is a waste of his skills. I can only hope it leaves him with a lot of spare time to do other interesting projects.

I would love to see more of him on TV. I liked his battle with Moromoto on Iron Chef America. I liked the episode of Heat that he was on when he and Mark MacEwan cooked for a charity event in Toronto.
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