Monday, July 30, 2012


This sounds very interesting, but I am almost 100% certain I can not go.
September 14-16, 2012 in the Cowichan  Valley

 You've heard about food forests. Maybe you've seen the videos or visited the websites. Now is your chance to plant an actual food forest under the guidance of Richard Walker, 30 year food forest veteran, in a weekend workshop on September 14-16. Richard will be explaining the basic principles we will be employing in the structuring and planting of the food forest on Friday night after a site visit. On Saturday, the planting will begin and will continue into Sunday.

Friday: 7-9:30pm; Saturday/Sunday: 9-4pm

The future food forest site is currently a 1/4+ acre field at Mossy Banks Farm in North Cowichan. We will be converting the prepared field into a food forest with nut trees, fruit trees, medicinal trees and herbs, berries and much more. Registration is limited to 25 people, so sign up now. This number cannot be extended. Cost for the weekend is $200; $230 if you are camping on the farm. Meals are included. (Lunch and dinner, Saturday; lunch, Sunday; and breakfast both days for those camping.) Please let us know any dietary restrictions when you register.

To register, e-mail Lynn at or call 250 597-3513.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Naan Bread

I ended up making the dough and was concerned I would not need it long enough, but it turns out I made a very good dough.  Sheila cooked them and they turned out better than any we have done before with them end up like the pita bread that has the pockets. 

Sheila has tried making the naan in the past with roasted garlic but it has never managed to have much of a garlic flavour come through.   I was short of time so I could not roast the garlic and used garlic powder instead and we were impressed with how much more of a garlic flavour this imparted.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chef Heidi Fink and her classes on local harvest cooking

I like what Chef Heidi Fink is doing at Cook Culture with her cooking courses for the public.

On July 9th she has a course on what to do with berries.  Since I already do a lot with berries I am not sure there is much for me at this course, but if you do not make your own jam, you should consider taking it.  Once you make your own jam you will not go back to the store bought stuff.

The course I was interested in was the Local Harvest one on July 17th, but it is sold out.  

I have been trying to focus on cooking with what is local and in season for years now, but there are still things I am not sure what to do with and when it is really ready in this area.   I was sort of hoping to sign up for the one of the 17th to get more inspiration.