Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chef Heidi Fink and her classes on local harvest cooking

I like what Chef Heidi Fink is doing at Cook Culture with her cooking courses for the public.

On July 9th she has a course on what to do with berries.  Since I already do a lot with berries I am not sure there is much for me at this course, but if you do not make your own jam, you should consider taking it.  Once you make your own jam you will not go back to the store bought stuff.

The course I was interested in was the Local Harvest one on July 17th, but it is sold out.  

I have been trying to focus on cooking with what is local and in season for years now, but there are still things I am not sure what to do with and when it is really ready in this area.   I was sort of hoping to sign up for the one of the 17th to get more inspiration.

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