Thursday, October 23, 2008

Willies Bakery on Lower Johnson

I recently had lunch at Willies Bakery on lower Johnson and I was disappointed with the food. The restaurant was busy and shortly after we sat down there was a line up for people to get in.

I had a pulled pork sandwich for about $10. The whole menu seemed a bit pricey, but for good food this is not an issue. The problem was that my pulled pork sandwich was not very good. The pork had not been roasted long enough to release all of the wonderful transformation of collagen to gelatin. The pork was also covered in a cloyingly sweet BBQ sauce. The size of small bun with the meat on my large plate seemed to make it look a bit more like a slider than a sandwich. I do not like coleslaw so asked not to get it, the server did not offer to replace it with anything.

My two table guests were also disappointed with what they got for the cost they paid. Neither one was as good as they had hoped for.

I know Willies has a long reputation for being a good restaurant, but based on this last experience I had it will be a long time before I go back. There are a lot of other restaurants in Victoria I can go to for similar fare.

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