Thursday, May 7, 2009

A new voice

So, my husband has invited me to post to this blog of his. I have decided to begin by addressing a missing category - bakeries. I have an abiding love of all thing carb, so bakeries and I are very friendly. All the breads, pastries, buns, and cookies - how is a girl to choose?

For those of you who are reading this and nodding in agreement you also know the pain of bad baking. Ordering the perfect looking croissant, expecting a rich, buttery, flaky treat that melts away in your mouth, you instead end up with something dry and crumbly, or tough and chewy, some sad excuse for a croissant that leaves you mouth with a fatty coating and your shirt covered in crumbs that you can not wait to get rid of. So for you guys I will tell you about my favorites.

At the head of the pack, currently, is the newly opened "fol epi", located on Harbour Road in the Dockside Green development. This bakery is owned and operated by a man named Cliff Leir (most recently baking as "House Bread"). He offers a small selection of breads and pasteries with some cookies and savory treats. Here you will find the most perfect of croissants, a wonderfully hearty brown, crisp crusted baguettes and a rye that my Germanic husband is impressed by. The product is organic and the flour is locally sourced, proving that using basic ingredients of high quality and purity pays great rewards.

Sharing a space - sort of - with a branch of Caffe Fantastico fol epi manages to be slightly rustic and slightly modern all at once. Beautiful timbers, a stunning wall of brick and stone and a brick oven for those wonderful breads and pasteries the space is inviting and bright.
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