Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Taste for 2011

This came across my email today:
Kathy McAree is pleased to announce 2011 dates for the third annual Taste: July 21-24. The 2011 schedule of events will be spiced up with even more indulgence. Taste uncorks with The Main Event on July 21st abiding the tradition of fresh and local cuisine and wine in abundance! 

Stay tuned for a full listing of events in the new year. If you’d like to peruse the 2010 events, please visit www.victoriataste.com/2010-schedule-of-events.

We’re always looking for food and wine lovers to join our team of enthusiastic Taste volunteers. Drop me a line if you’re interested: info@VictoriaTaste.com.

Best wishes for the holiday season,


Keep up on what’s happening on the Victoria culinary scene. Listen to Kathy’s “In Good Taste” on CFAX 1070 Saturdays 1-2pm. Listen live www.cfax1070.com
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