Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Fortune in Sidney

A week of so ago we ended in Sidney at dinner time and were looking for somewhere to eat

We used Urbanspoon to see what there was in Sidney and ended up at the Good Fortune Chinese restaurant.   The rating made us consider it.

The place is clearly a busy restaurant as it was not yet 6 and it was filling up.   Though this may have something to do with being in Sidney and the average age there.....

We had dinner for six as that is the easiest and fastest when we have all the boys with us.   The food was decent but not worth the drive to Sidney to go there.   It is no better than Royal Palace or Jacks.   The ginger fried beef was good but not as good as many of the people that have reviewed on Urbanspoon.   The war wonton was acceptable.

The price was more than I would expect for this quality of and style of Chinese food.   Good and interesting Chinese food is something I miss from Vancouver.   I know of no decent seafood oriented ones here in Victoria. I would love to have a Buddhist one - I miss being able to get sweet and sour sticky delight.   The regions are not represented well at all, almost all of it is is a variation on Canadian Chinese cuisine.   The lettuce wraps we had were the most adventurous thing Golden Fortune offered, thought it is in part out fault for not choosing ala cart.

This is one more example of people in Victoria accepting mediocre food as reasonable.   There is no way this restaurant would get an 84% rating in the lower mainland.

Good Fortune on Urbanspoon

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