Monday, April 30, 2012

Masterchef Australia starts May 6th

Sheila and I are very much looking forward to the start of season 4 of Masterchef Australia.

The season will start in Melbourne before moving back to the Masterchef kitchen in Eveleigh at Doody St 13.

Being in Canada, it is not easy to access the videos so that I can watch the show.

Changes that are coming this season:
The first episode of the week will be the Mystery Box/Invention Test.   I like that change because it was one of the biggest complaints I had about Season 3 was the loss of this.   It is a very good format, the only change I would make would be to give the winner of the Mystery Box a bit more of an advantage in the Invention Test.

There will also be a change to the Immunity Challenge, each cheftestant will have two others helping them in a competition against the professional chef who will have two assistants as well.   I am not sure I like this change.

Finally, they say there will be fewer surprise twists.  Once again, I am not sure this is a benefit.

I am looking forward to seeing the first episodes in just over a week's time.
The Mastechef Australia Kitchen
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