Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is Corn Maltodextrin the same as Tapioca Maltodextrin?

I tried to make an olive oil powder with the maltodextrin I bought yesterday at Lifestyles Market.  The olive oil powder is supposed to melt in your mouth, that is not really what happened.  The result was nothing worth eating and it left me with a small gummy bit of something in my mouth.  

There are two reasons it may not have worked - either I made a mistake in the recipe or the maltodextrin is not the right type.  The one I used was made from corn and the recipes seem to call from tapioca maltodextrin.   I can not find anything online which definitively tells me that the difference matters.   The corn based maltodextrin I bought is supposed to be good for many of the uses expected such as thickening a smoothie and such.  

I followed the recipe as it was outlined though I needed a lot more maltodextrin.  Various other recipes said I would need a much larger portion of maltodextrin than this recipe called for.   The result looks like what I saw in the pictures so I really think there has to be a substantive difference between the two maltodextrins.
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