Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Veneto and now Catalano

Veneto is a region north eastern Italy and the name for a bar/restaurant in Victoria in the Rialto.   Veneto calls it self a tapa lounge.  Tapas says Spain to me and I have idea of what I expect from a good tapas place.  Veneto does good food but it is not what I consider tapas.  I would call their food a tasting menu

Now in Magnolia we have Catalano, which calls it self a restaurant and cicchetti bar.  Catalano is a way to refer to things from Catalonia specifically in Italian.  Cicchetti is Venetian bar finger food.

So we have one named for a part of Italian claiming to do Spanish style bar food and another that is name for part of Spain that is doing Italian style bar food.  

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