Monday, July 8, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Birthday Cake

We had hoped to get better pictures, but demands of the birthday cut pic taking short
Max turned five and is currently obsessed with Star Wars, Lego, Angry Birds and any combination of those three.   We decided to do a Star Wars themed birthday and made him an Angry Birds Star Wars cake.   I thought this cake was achievable from watching Cake Boss.  

Watching the process they go through to make the cakes in the show has given the process we would need to follow to make a special cake.  

Luke bird - the hot sun was causing the modelling chocolate to sweat

The main base cake is a chocolate cake using the recipe from Rebar.  This was then covered in buttercream icing and then a layer of fondant on top of that.   We ended buying the buttercream at Creating Occasions because we wanted to see what professional buttercream was like in texture and taste

The larger cubes on top are pound cake and the smaller ones are rice krispie squares, both covered in buttercream and then fondant.

fur detail comes from using a needle tool
Modelling chocolate allows this cape on the Obi Wan bird to sit above him

The figures are made of rice krispie square balls covered in modelling chocolate.  Modelling chocolate is easy to make and holds shapes well.    I made most of it from white chocolate which was then coloured.   The final texture of the modelling texture was ok but not great, it was a bit grainy.   I want to buy some and see what it should be like.  Most of the figures were made by Ben though Sheila finished the Chewbacca bird and made the whole Luke bird.
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