Monday, August 5, 2013

Our new love for Growlers

We are really enjoying buying our beer in growlers from our local breweries or brew pubs,   One them is enough for dinner and the evening at home for two of us as it contains 1.9 litres of beer or 5.4 bottles of beer.

Here is a video of getting our growler and the new half size growlerette filled at Vancouver Island Brewery

A schedule of when you get your growler filler

BreweryCost of GrowlerStandard Beer Growler FillupOpen for growler fills
Driftwood$5$11 ($12/Fat Tug)Tues & Weds: 1-4:30, Thurs & Fri: 2-5:30
Hoyne$5$10Wed-Fri: 2-6; Sat 11-6
Phillips$5$10Mon 9-5; Tues-Thurs 10-6; Fri 10-7; Sat 10-6
Moon Under Water$5$10.50-$16Wed-Sun 11:30-10:30ish
Spinnakers$5$10-12Every day 9am-10pm
Vancouver Island Brewery$5$10Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
Canoe Brewpub$8$12 ($13 Seasonal)Every day 11:30am-11pm
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