Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Squash Season

Sheila reminded me that it will be squash season shortly and that we should be getting some. My problem is that I am reasonably indifferent to the squash as something to eat.

Soups are one thing I do like to make with squash and I was thinking of trying to recreate my bacon squash soup. I made it about five years ago in Lillooet.

  1. Bake any winter squash - I prefer the flavour of baked because of the caramelizing of the sugars.
  2. Fry up bacon - a fair amount, for a large squash I used about a pound of bacon
  3. Take out the fried bacon
  4. Fry some onion and garlic in the bacon fat.
  5. Put everything into a food processor with some stock and puree
  6. Add salt and pepper as needed.

It is a great simple but hearty soup.
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