Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Changes in diet

Given that Sheila is expecting, there have been some changes to the diet around here. First and foremost this means no alcohol and very little caffeine.

The dropping of alcohol has been easy, I was drinking very little lately. I will miss doing anything with the Beaujolais Nouveau this year.

Dropping caffeine is a bigger issue. I have become addicted again. Sunday and Monday had problems due to my lack of caffeine. I get headaches. I hope that I am beyond this now, but I am not certain. I will be even more sensitive to the effects of caffeine on my body now.

Sheila now needs to eat numerous small meals during the day and is not happy with meals where there are too many flavours and smells. I made a very good goulash on Sunday but Sheila really could not eat it.
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