Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lettuce all gone..... but I have planted Wheat!?!?!

My whole crop of lettuce was wiped out in a matter of a few minutes yesterday afternoon. The chickens got out of their pen and legged it to the veggie garden. The only thing they ate was the lettuce, not the dill, basil, corn, beans, pumpkins or tomatoes.

I had to run out and buy more lettuce seed and started a new patch.

I planted something new in the garden yesterday. I planted some of the wheat I bought a few months ago. I managed to buy about four pounds of island grown wheat berries at Mitchell's a few months ago.

We have a small patch at the back end of the veggie garden, nothing major, but hopefully enough that we can get enough wheat to make some bread. My kids expressed an interest in growing wheat and taking it to bread, this seems to me an interesting experiment to try.

I bought this unground wheat because I was interested to see what one can do with wheat berries. I need to find a way to grind it, the propeller style coffee mill is not really the right thing. I think we need to finally buy a burr grinder for our coffee - this is the tool that I think will allow us to grind the wheat.
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