Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some Bad Food

Recently we were on a road trip to the interior. Cash flow is not good for us at the moment so we were not going to eat out a lot, but we ended up eating out three times and it was a mistake twice.

Eastside Mario's
The first time we ate out was when we were coming back into Salmon Arm after a day at on the lake. It was late and we needed to eat. Buying food at the Safeway or Askew's was not going to work, so we decided to try out Eastside Marios, a new chain coming into BC. We are not going to go back.

First off, the waiting times for having our order taken was much too long. We then got the starters - THEY WERE HUGE. It was simply too much food. Sheila's salad was enough for the two of us to share. Daniel shared his salad with Stephen and Ben only ate part of his soup.

We then waited and waited for the main course. When it came, the boys all had very badly done pizzas. Eastside Marios has this idea that a lame square crust is some sort of a 'traditional' pizza form. While I can not prove it, the pizza dough felt and tasted like it was frozen. Sheila had a piece of bone in her sandwich, one that was close to a centimetre long. She told the hostess about this but we were not offered any sort of discount or any real apology, only a comment saying that at least they use real chicken.

The meal took us an hour and half. This is not something that works for us with four kids, one a new born. We are unlikely to ever go back to the chain and will recommend that anyone wanting this sort of an experience go to Boston Pizza.

Denny's in Revelstoke

On our way to Golden, we stopped in Revelstoke to see the dam and then decided to have lunch. It was Stephen's birthday and he got to choose the restaurant. He originally wanted MacDonalds but changed to Dennys when he saw it.

The food was typical for Dennys, but what was a problem was the hour and half it took for the meal. We really can not sit with the boys that long in a restaurant. It was not as if it was that busy.

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Jade Palace Buffet in Salmon Arm
We ate here on Monday night and I am impressed. It was not accident that Okanagan Life has had it the best restaurant list for a number of years.

The selection was good not only in the BC 'classics' one expects at a Chinese 'Smorg', but also in some interesting variations. The seafood was very good and plentiful, though it went fast. I will be going back here regularly when I am in Salmon Arm.
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