Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Blended Scotch that I Like!?!

Last night I went out to get some beer and I also wanted to look at some scotch. One of the private liquor stores in the neighbourhood has a very good selection of wine and scotch, which is surprising as it is in a strip mall in a less affluent neighbourhood and makes no pretensions to being anything fancier.

I was looking at what was available, I could not find Lagavulin or regular Laphroig. I was looking at a wall of scotch and did not know how I would choose. The last bottle of scotch I bought was an insipid nothing, it was bland and mild. I was really worried I might make the same mistake until I saw a bottle with the name The Peat Monster. The peat is right there in the name. so I bought it even though it is a blend.

Blends can be very nice to drink but ultimately they are all rather 'safe', the grain whisky evens them out. The Peat Monster is a blend and the colour is very light - this worried me imensely. I was also worried that this was part of that trend in wines where the names are provacative and trying to kick the stuffing out of pretension. I felt I was taking a huge risk with the only thing reducing my fear being the fact that I was buying their last bottle.

I had a glass last night and it was heavenly - the Monster delivers and does so big time. The seaside iodine smell hits you the moment you bring it close to your nose. The deep peaty flavour fills your mouth. The drink goes down smoothly and clean, no rough kicking you in the gut. The Peat Monster is making me want to try the major sources in the blend - Ardmore and Caol Ila. Should I be able to get another bottle, I know what I am going to give my brother Nik for Christmas.
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