Thursday, April 30, 2009

New plantings in the garden

I bought the apricot tree a few weeks back and it is doing well, lots of green shoots.

This week I planted six blueberry bushes. My aim is to have enough to allow us to be able to get a pound a day in the peak season. I am not sure I have enough for that, I will see in a year or two.

There are 60 strawberry plants in the ground, about 60 garlic plants as well. I have spinach, basil and lettuce sprouting. The seed trays have numerous cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini happening. I will be planting this along the sidewalk on Maddock street to try and get rid of the lawn there.

Four of the peach trees from last year are doing well, one is sickly and one died. No blossoms on them yet, they are still very young. I hope for some fruit next year.

Pictures in a few days on all of this
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