Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Romano's Macaroni Grill - on Douglas outside of Mayfair Mall

Monday night we had a long day with many frustrations and at 6pm we had nothing ready for dinner. We decided we would go out for dinner. Our first choice was Floyd's @ at Douglas and Burnside. But is was closed, that may have been a Monday night thing, but it might also be closed for good, I have no idea.

We had walked so were considering where to go next and after some thinking decided on the Macroni Grill. I had always thought this was part of a chain and of the same quality as White Spot and others of that ilk. It is owned by a larger company, The Spectra Hospitality Group, but it is a one off.

It was not busy for a Monday night, but it was also not empty. The service was very good and made us feel valued as customers.

I had the calamari fritti to start and was not thrilled, the breading was not what I like on calamari, though the aioli that went with it was very good. Sheila had a starter salad which looked good and tasted good.

As a main I had the penne with spicy sausage and peppers. It was well done, but there was a lot of it, enough for two adults. I like the fact that spicy really means spicy, this was not some weak hint of heat, there was good heat here. I would most certainly order this again.

Sheila had the chicken parmesan. I was not interested in that as it was heavier than I wanted for a meal and honestly I had still not gotten over the horror chicken parm I had at Romeo's in Broadmead. Her meal was very good as well, but once again very big.

We had litre bottle of San Pelligrino, which was reasonably priced. Sheila had a margarita which was good. I also had a beer and the price was crazy $8.49!

Total bill for two - $70

We will go back, but I suspect not order booze.

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