Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Veggie Gardening

I put in part of veggie garden over the weekend. It feels odd to be doing it so early, I spent years in the interior and early May was the earliest I was out there planting.

I put in two long rows of scarlet runner beans, some spinach, dill, long white radishes and mixed lettuce. I will be doing more this coming weekend, specifically I am going to planting peas in some areas that are not doing well at the moment.

I would like to turn a lot of the verge into garden beds, but the soil is simply dead. It is full of rocks and has limited amounts of the humus I want to see. I suspect it will be a several year project to take them over and get something thriving there.

The Victoria Compost Education Centre will be having their annual plant sale on May 15th, well worth attending.
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