Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Foodie Events in 2011

We are getting more and more foodie events in this city and they sell out much too fast!

The sixth annual Victoria Whisky Festival is coming in just over a week but it is sold out.   I honestly had not been paying attention to the dates and missed buying a ticket.

The fifth annual Victoria Tea Festival is coming February 12th and 13th - February is a busy month for me and tea does not jump out at me as something exciting, I really only like to drink Earl Grey and not much else.

Up island there is the third annual Parksville Uncorked Food and Wine Festival on Feb 24th-27th.   I know nothing about this event but it could be good excuse to go north of the Malahat.

Cullaniare is happening on March 10th.   We need to go out and buy some tickets, the price is cheap to get a chance to taste food from such a variety or restuarants in town.   This year they are having two seatings as it sold out quickly last year.  I will post about it afterwards.

The fourth annual Island Chef's Food Festival is June 12th at Fort Rodd Hill again.  Tickets are $40 before May 1st and $50 afterwards.   Go early and bring a designated driver.

Taste returns for a third year on July 21 to 24th.  The Main Event cost $79 +GST last year, I am assuming the price will he similar this year.  There should be over 100 BC wines available again this year.  We volunteered for the event last year, this year I would like to go to the event.
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