Friday, June 3, 2011

Boston Pizza at Hillside and Blanshard

I missed lunch yesterday and was insanely hungry.  We were on our way to an exhibition of kids art at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and needed to eat somewhere on the way.   I was cranky enough I had no interest in any complications and decided the easiest choice would the Boston Vancouver Pizza at Hillside and Blanshard.  They have temporarily renamed themselves during the finals.  

I like the comfortable look and feel of the restaurant but keep forgetting that the food is borderline and the Hillside location is lower than borderline.

I was very hungry and ordered the cracked pepper dry ribs.   They were ok, and really that is all they were.  At $9.50 they were over priced.   As my son Stephen often likes to say "Hunger makes the best sauce" and this is really I think the only reason I tolerated them.  Sheila tried a couple and thought they were not worth eating.

My main course was a small Tuscan pizza.   I can say the crust was good, the pizza itself was awful.   It was loaded with too much stuff and it had this odd acid flavour.  It should not have been from the pomodoro sauce.  It was unpleasant and I could not connect it to anything that was in the pizza.   If I was in a better mood and we were not headed somewhere and Max was not being wild, I would have complained and pointed out the pizza was wrong.   At $16.75, this is not a good deal at all.   We should have gone to Pizzzeria Prima Strada.

Sheila had the beef dip, she said it was forgettable.  Not worth the $10.95.

So why write this review at all?  Mainly to make me remember that this location of Boston Pizza is expensive and had bad food.

M y experience at the Saanich Centre Boston Pizza, or the Langford location, have not been as bad, but according to Urbanspoon ratings, they are all really bad.

Boston Pizza on Urbanspoon

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