Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Original Joe's - surprisingly good

We were out on the Westshore and needed to eat some dinner with all the boys in tow. Boston Pizza was not an option, May Gold was not something Sheila wanted, we have been underwhelmed by Smoken Bones.   We thought, against our gut reaction, to try Orginal Joe's.

We got there just before six and were told there was a 20 minute wait to get in.   Not great when you have kids, but also a sign the place may be better than we expected.   The actually got us in faster  than the time they quoted.

The waitress was excellent and the ambiance inside was decent.

We started with the Red Tractor Nachos - no idea why the name.    I was impressed, they were the best nachos I have had in many years.   The chips were fresh and crisp, it was not smothered in so much cheese that grease was pooling on the food.   The salsa that came with it was also good, possibly even made in house.

Sheila had the Thai Chicken salad.   It was well done for what it was, but it was not really what she wanted

I had The Sicilian Burger.   In part it was good, but the added Italian sausage did not work.  I had thought I would get disks of the sausage on top of the burger, instead I got a whole sausage cut in half lengthwise and put on top of the burger.   It made it very awkward to eat.   The sausage was also dry.

They did have good beer on tap.

The boys had a couple of the pizzas and they were better than what I had recently at Boston Pizza, but they were not thrilling pizzas.   I think I am spoiled because of the quality that comes from Prima Strada.

Would I go back?   Probably as we have been striking out everywhere else on the westshore.   Could I do better at home?   Certainly.

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