Monday, May 27, 2013

A&W - not great food, but some interesting changes

When we are out at Costco and have to grab lunch we often choose to go to the A&W on Millstream as a quick default.   Over the years I have been underwhelmed with them but ultimately they are a fast food place I have very low expectations.   When we went there the other day I was pleasantly surprised.  

What has changed are their fries and burgers as well as some of their presentation.   The fries are thick cut and served in little miniature versions of the baskets the fries are made in.   I also like the use of the mini cookie sheet as a serving tray.

The burgers felt like they were better made - the lettuce and tomatoes seemed better than in the past, but maybe it is all down to the presentation in the new paper bags.  In the old foil and paper bags one of my complaints about their burgers is that they were very often soggy.

Will we go here again?  Yes, because it is fast and reasonable for what it is.  I like they fact they have tried to be a bit better than the average.   A&W is half a step better than McDonald's or Dairy Queen because they have tried a bit harder with the presentation.

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