Friday, June 20, 2008

Chickens now allowed in Esquimalt

Esquimalt has decided to allow backyard chickens, though I think the number of 4 is a too low. With 6 I only get 2.5 dozen a week at the moment, which should rise to 3 over the summer. With three boys and doing home baking, this is not quite enough.

Hens get free range

By Rebecca Aldous - Victoria News - June 17, 2008

The egg has hatched.

Esquimalt single family residential properties can now keep up to four hens. Since April municipal staff have been pecking over the topic of urban chickens. After visiting several owners of the birds, Esquimalt's director of development services Barbara Snyder said if kept correctly she had no concern about noise or smell.

Four hens could produce enough eggs for a family.

But many of the chicken owners Synder met considers the birds as pets rather than a source of food.

Mayor Chris Clement supported the bylaw, adding the municipality should examine more ways residence can produce their own food.

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