Thursday, June 5, 2008

Top Chef Final 4

So I missed the people that would make the final four in Top Chef.

I had not expectation that Lisa would last - none at all.

I completely missed Antonia when I made my predictions early on in the show.

Dale and Andrew - killed by bad attitudes.

Interestingly, three of four finalists are people that have had more or less no personality clashes or hissy fits.

All in all this season has more and better competitors than ever before. Top Chef season one had a lot of contestants that were on par with the people in Hell's Kitchen. Over the seasons the people on Hell's Kitchen have gone downhill and Top Chef they have gotten better. There was no obvious loser in the group this time.

With that in mind, how does Lisa manage to continue? Luck of having someone screw up more than her is all I can think. This week it was Antonia. The problem with the format of the show is that you are judged on how you did on one given event and not on the basis of how you have done over time, though I am sure this resonates with some of the judges. Dale is gone not because he was the worst cook left, but because in restaurant wars the losing teams exec chef is normally sent home.

With a final three of Lisa, Richard and Stephanie, it is all down to Richard versus Stephanie. There is no way Lisa can compete with the other two. Six months away from the show and she still does not have the chops to win it all.

Honestly, unless there is some disaster, I am certain Richard Blais will win it all. He certainly deserves it, but in many ways he was a step above all the rest on the show and to me the obvious person to win it all. I wonder if in the next round you will see more competitors of his quality once he has won?
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