Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cactus Club Cafe - Broadway and Ash

So, in a shocking turn for us, I am writing about a chain restaurant - and it is going to be good things! The world may be winding down anytime now.

We were in Vancouver on the weekend for a meeting my husband had and when it ended we chose the Cactus Club Cafe. This was largely because it was right there, the sushi place down the road had bad reviews on Urban Spoon. Also our 18 month old was getting hungry (and trust me that is one appetite we all must bow before!)

What a delightful accident it turned out to be. The decor was modern with a bit of kitsch but comfortable and not too noisy given a very full house. The service was very attentive and timely. They accommodated our 18 month old very nicely and they had proper changing facilities which is so much nicer than changing a diaper on the floor of a public restroom!

Between my husband and I we sampled the Tuna Tataki, the Ravioli starter, the Ravioli main, the braised short rib sandwich and the apple gallette. Everything was very tasty with good presentation and reasonable portions. The highlight however, by far, was the Ravioli. The starter one comes with prawns and I had the main without scallops. Both come with pine nuts, crispy sage and a buerre blanc sauce that rock our socks. Rich and creamy but with enough acid to be bright in our mouths. This sauce was a glorious blend of flavour, one of those moments when the sum of the ingredients truly exceeded the parts. They came together seamlessly, in fact we struggled to try to discern the parts and have been working at it ever since.

Though not cheap this meal had sufficient bang for the buck and I would go back as there were other things that caught my eye and I would like to try. Though the struggle will be not having that glorious ravioli EVERYTIME!


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