Friday, January 29, 2010

Nick Versteeg on Food Security

As people that read this blog know, I am not a big supporter of the idea of food security because I do not believe the underlying assumptions are socially or economically correct.

That said, this should be a very interesting program to watch.

Victoria Community TV Presents:

Nick Versteeg on Food Security

On Shaw TV:
Channel 11 in Victoria and Saltspring Island

A talk on food security, food safety, genetic contamination, and the role of the corporations and the media in marketing the food we eat and influencing our food choices... Nick Versteeg specializes in video productions on food issues; his work has appeared widely on A&E, the CBC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, etc... It's a good talk.

Saturday, Jan 30 at 11 AM and 11:30 PM
Sunday, Jan 31 at 10 AM and 9 PM

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