Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spoons - Ordering the Prusa

I was at Spoons again Saturday morning for a meeting.

It is located at 2915 Douglas in the Super 8 motel at that location. This is the corner of Burnside and Douglas.

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The decor has changed a bit. they have been painting over all the graffiti as it was getting too messy and people were writing inappropriate things for kids to read. Other than that it is still the nicely laid back restaurant I have come to know.

I mainly want to write about the Prusa on the menu:

The Prusa Whatever the kitchen feels like making for ya. your only input is a choice of breakfast yummy or lunch yummy, vegetarian or not and sweet or savoury. $10. feelin’ lucky? we’ll flip you for it, double or win, it’s free. you lose, it’ll cost ya $20.
I went for it ordering a savory breakfast with meat. What I got was a large plate with a quesadilla filled with an omelet, cheese and chorizo. It was more than I could eat. It was more than enough for two. It was also very well executed. Yes, this was better than something I could have done at home.

I have no idea what prusa means and I did not get around to asking. Looking it up on the internet, the best I can figure is that is somehow related to the name of someone connected to the restaurant.

Most good breakfast/brunch places are packed on weekends. Even mediocre ones are full and have line ups. Spoons does not. It can not be because of the food, I suspect it is because it is not close to downtown. I also think fewer people know about it than should know. I wish the owners lots of success, but I hate to wait to eat in the morning so I hope they do not get too busy.

In my opinion, Spoons is one of the best restaurants north of Downtown.

No place is perfect, my one complaint is with the coffee. It is weakly brewed coffee and they highlights bitter flavours and does not allow for any full bodied flavour. If they invested in an espresso machine, they would be close to perfect.

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