Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pizza Allnite - Quadra and Hillside

I have driven past this place for years and never stopped in, there was nothing inviting about it. On July 1st I was looking for something for dinner at 9:30 and night and went here because the Taco Time was closed.

I had never paid much attention, but they have some interesting food available beyond the pizzas.   I did not ask, but I suspect they place changed hands not too long ago.   On Google Streetview there is no mention of their shawarma and other middle eastern foods.   A shawarma is similar to a donner or gyros.

They were serving a chicken shawarma and it was good, very good.   The pitas were thin, almost tortilla like.   The yougurt had a nice flavour with cilantro in it.   The hot sauce hit the right note for it.   I am planning on many more these in the future, certainly this will be were I go and not Taco Time.

The place is run by a Dari (aka Persian) couple from Afghanistan, she is from Herat and he is from Kabul.   I had an enjoyable conversation with her as I was I was getting my food.   Turns out the place is a hang out for Saudi Arabian students at UVic because they make kabsa.   I had no idea there were enough Saudis in town to make for a hang out.  I will have to try the kabsa the next time I go in.

The baklava was good, according to Sheila, I did not manage to get a piece of it, but then I did not ask.

The pizza by the slice - it sucked.  In fact I am not sure pizza is a reason to order from here.   I think they should focus on the cuisine they know well and is something different than what other people are doing.  The menus they hand out do not include the new menu items and the website does not highlight them.   I think there is a market in Victoria for a place that does good Middle Eastern food and delivers.

I could not have made that chicken shawarma at home.

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