Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tour of Farms - Sunday July 25th

The Southern Vancouver Island Direct Farm Marketing Association is holding their annual Tour of Farms on Sunday July 25th from 10 am to 4 pm.   It is a self guided tour so you choose the farms you want to visit.

Here are the farms participating:

Saanich Peninsula

Cowichan Valley


  • Morningstar Farm

It is interesting to see which farms are on the tour and which ones are not.   There are some farms I would have expected to see on the tour, but they are not on it.   I have no idea if they limit the number of farms on the tour or if many farms were not interested in participating.

In any case, the selection of farms on the tour is interesting and varied.   It is important for people to get some sense of what farming is about and where their food comes from.   The more people are diconnected from what food is and where it comes from, the weaker the culture of the society becomes and the less aware people are of themselves and the world around.   Food is the first and fundamental cornerstone of all cultures, no food, no culture.
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