Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moziro in Shawnigan Lake

On Canada Day Sheila and I headed out for an afternoon drive, the drive itself ended with a disaster, but before that we passed through Shawingan Lake and stopped for sustenance.   Sheila got some baked goods from Amuse and I got coffee and choclates from Moziro Coffee

The place is a small funky coffee house on the main drag in Shawnigan, the sort of place with uneven old planks for the floor, seating for a few people, walls covered in whatever time as allowed to happen there.  It feels like a place you could hang out in all day and feel like you are part of the ebb and flow of the community.   I love that sort of place and wish there were more of them like that in Victoria.   Only the Spiral Cafe and Discovery Coffee do this for me, I wish I had something like this closer to where I live.

Freshly roasted coffee makes so much of a difference to the coffee experience, I first learned this when I lived in Kitsilano in the early 1990s and was introduced to Yoka's Coffee by my uncle.   Moziro has much of that same experience.   The chains like Starbucks or Serious are decent enough, but they miss that experience of freshly roasted coffee on site.   It makes my coffee several steps better.   I ordered Americanos for both of us.

Not only do they do coffee, they do chocolate, they do really good chocolates.   The price is per pound is quite reasonable for how far it goes.   I was a little confused by the espresso cup chocolates, I was expecting them to have some sort of chocolate-espresso ganache filling but instead it was a single bean in each chocolate.   The but covered clusters were the best I have had.   The nuts all had a nice saltiness to them that worked very well with the chocolate, certainly much better than the Lindt Sea Salt which does not have enough of the salt flavour in them to make them seem any different than the normal bars.   I could pig out on Moziro's cashew clusters.

When next I am headed up island, I will make the time to drive the few km up from Mill Bay to stop at Moziro.

Can I do it better at home?   Nope, not even close.  To do it at home I would have to start to roast my own beans, which is something I want to try but I have not yet done.   I also have a lousy track record with making chocolates.

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