Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strawberry Jam - Lots of It! A new Vantreight Video and few more things

I now have about three dozen 250 ml jars of strawberry jam, if you want some get a hold of me and I will get it to you - contribution to costs very much welcome.  250-744-0866

Today I bought 5 pounds of local strawberries from the Root Cellar for $8.  These were ones that were close to being compost fodder, but still made very good jam.   I managed to get them first time in the morning and I suspect they are going to have these older strawberries available on most mornings.  I made 9 more jars with these strawberries.

My jams are low sugar, about one part sugar to four parts berries.

Here is the new video from the Vantreights:


Last night's bacon lentil soup was amazing, it is what I have been looking for.  I ate several bowl fulls for dinner and another big one for lunch today.    Wow!  Try the recipe yourself.   Though make sure you have a good stock, my latest chicken/turkey stock is quite amazing.
We went to check out the Donald Street Farm for produce last night, they will be selling on Tuesday evenings, but the weather has been so cold that they will not be opening for sales till July 13th.  Deb Heighway will not be the only person selling on Tuesdays, she said five other local people will have produce for sale as well.
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