Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anyone want to buy strawberry jam?

My oldest son, Daniel is looking for something to do this summer for money.  A 9-5 job in retail is not something that would work for his plans for the summer and money is not great.

We talked and hit about the idea of him making and selling jam and salsa.   We make our jam with a pectin that requires very little sugar and therefore the jam is much more of a fruit flavour and a sweet red spread.

I told him I would do a bit of market research for him.

  • Would you be willing to buy strawberry jam from Daniel for $5 for a 250 ml jar?
  • Would you be willing to buy salsa for $4 for a 125 ml jar?
  • Are there other jams or sauces you would be interested in?
  • Are there other sizes you would be interested?
  • What do you think of the price?

Please let me know either here, via Facebook, Twitter or email.
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