Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making Stock and Mayonnaise

Yesterday I actually ran out of our stock, I always seemed to have been making as fast or faster than we use it, but for whatever reason, I ran out yesterday.

I bought a couple pounds of turkey necks and chicken bones at Fairway yesterday.  I roasted the meat and then put in a large stock pot with onions, celery and carrots.  This cooked for a couple hours.

This time I decided to clarify the stock.  I was inspired from the clear consume that was made in episode 50 of season two of MasterChef Australia.   I strained, defatted and cooled the stock. I then added six egg whites to the cooled stock.   I started heating as per instructions.  At first this was not looking promising, the egg looked like it was going to cook to hard white chunks, but in the end it built the raft on the top is was supposed and the stock was clear, completely see through.   Quite amazing.
The egg whites meant I had six egg yolks left over, so what was I going to do with them?   I did not feel like more gogel-mogel, so it was mayonnaise.      The mayo has turned out wonderfully, much better than the previous ones I have made.  the flavour is very nice and creamy.  I added enough lemon to give it the acid it needed.  I also added ancho chile powder for the smoky flavour and some heat.

I used the mayonnaise with some crab to makes some open face toasted sandwiches which I am eating for lunch as I write this.
The rock crab is one that I caught the other day out in Sidney.   It was a poor day crabbing, one rock crab which netted at most 75 grams of meat.

With the carcass of the crab I made some more stock.   This stock has a very strong crab flavour.

Now I just need to can the stock, this will be happening later this afternoon
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