Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another poultry swap and sale - June 13th in Metchosin

From my email:

From: Liz 
Date: June 6, 2010 11:52:37 PM PDT
Subject: Metchosin Poultry Swap & Sale JUNE 13th
Hello Fellow Poultry enthusiasts! 
Hard to believe a month has flown by as fast as it has. I am sure many of you are working at getting gardens planted, chicks raised and caring for flocks. It certainly is that time of year, too bad the weather is not cooperating as it should. 
I have been getting emails and phone calls asking when the next swap is, sorry for the delay in sending out the reminder. 
Sunday June 13th, 11am to 12:30pm 
(second Sunday each month, so July 11th, Aug 8th, and not sure about Sept as the second Sunday is also Metchosin Days and maybe Oct 10th will be the last until Feb or Mar 2011)
Metchosin Municipal Grounds
4450 Happy Valley Rd
Looks like a number of people viewing the ad on UsedVic, please pass this email on to any friends of poultry and if they would like to be added to group list: metchosinpoultry@gmail.com I think I have finally figured out how to transfer new emails to the Group. 
On a more personal note, last week I went out with a handful of friends to catch a beautiful rooster that apparently someone had 'dumped' along a roadside parking lot to a trail in the Witty's Lagoon area. This poor thing had been there for almost 3 weeks, fending for himself, keeping the predators at bay and was probably nicked by a speeding car as there were feathers strewn on the side of Metchosin Rd. It took a little time, but fishing nets are awesome and not just for fish! He is now living in my backyard, but is needing to be re-homed. 
The point being made is Chickens and other Poultry are social animals, the majority of us do our best to keep them living in safe environments, and know a big part of our responsibility is to provide their care, this includes knowing they must have company of other poultry. This was cruel and nasty of someone to do as I do not believe 'chickens are just chickens, who cares'. I don't know what the answer is when someone has unwanted for what ever reason poultry, but it sure isn't to let them go in the wilds to fend for themselves. 
I am not set up to have this gorgeous big black beauty. Some say Australorpe, some say Jersey Giant, one even said possible Black Marans. I don't know, but those who see pictures are all saying he is a beauty. His one downfall is he likes to crow! I do live in 'rural' Metchosin, but my neighbours don't really cotton to the sounds of 'country' life or waking up at 5am by a roo welcoming the morning. If anyone is able to take him on, I sure appreciate hearing back from you, I can send photos! I don't know if I can keep him here until next weekend or it maybe me being dumped by the side of the road somewhere! lol
Other than that! Hope to see you at the Swap next Sunday. 
Many thanks, 
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