Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Butchering my own meat

Yesterday we bought some meat at the Real Canadian Wholesale Club in Esquimalt.   This is where I normally buy large pieces of meat. (on my computer the picture is not sideways, I have no idea why it turned when I posted it here)

I bought one whole tenderloin for $13.21/kg for a total of $49.22 and two outside rounds, one 6 kilos and the other 7 kilos and costing a total of $62.16 at $4.77/kg.   This is a total of just under 37 pounds of meat for $111.38.

I cut this up myself - the tenderloin cutting I learned from Good Eats, the outside rounds I just sort of faked.

When I was done, I had about seven pounds of scraps, fat, connective issue and such which I ground up and made into dog food for Louie.  This left me with 30 pounds of meat for us to eat and here is what I ended up with:

  • 1.5 lb tenderloin roast
  • 1 pound tenderloin scraps
  • 5 pounds of fillet steaks
  • 7 pounds of stewing beef 
  • 3 roasts of 2.5 pounds each 
  • 7 pounds of marinating steaks 

By my estimates this is a $240 to $280 value to us for a cost of $111.38.  In the hour it took for me deal with, I added close to $150 value to the meat.  

The ground stuff went into the dog food for Louie.  With 8 pounds of potatoes, several pounds of onions, four cups of dry rice, I made the equivalent of 30 cans of dog food.
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