Monday, June 7, 2010

The other evening we were on our way to UVic to listen to a concert by the Vis a Vis Saxophone Quartet and stopped at the Med Grill in Royal Oak.   In general I have enjoyed the food at the Med Grill, but this time things were not so good.

I started with the carpaccio, and it was reasonable but hardly brilliant.   The amount of food was too much as an appetizer, the meat was overwhelmed by a huge salad on top of it.   The amount of meat was huge.   It was enough to be a main course and that became a problem for me.   My one big complaint was that the meat was not paper thin, it did not seem to have been pounded flat, though it was wonderfully tender.

Sheila started with a an order of Med bread which was also really too big.

Daniel had the Med burger with cheddar cheese, bacon and avocado.   Being a teenager, he said very little to me about his food, though he did not finish it.

Sheila had a tuna tataki and it was good, but it would have been more than enough on its own.

I had the pulled pork flat wrap.   It is hard to say much good about it.  The flavours were muddy and it was dry.   The wrap was very dry from the baking and adding nothing to the meal.  The pulled pork was bland, no sense of the amazing crust bits it should have.  The dripping fat and  the gelatin from the connective tissue that has broken down was missing.

It seems everyone wants to do pulled pork now and almost none of them can manage something half as good as I can at home.   The carpaccio left me so full that I had no space for more food.

In the end, the carpaccio and tataki were done as well as I think I could do at home, I have not done either yet.  The Med Bread is something that would more trouble than I want to do so it is worth it there.   The burger and flat wrap were not better than what I could do at home.

We are likely to go back, though we are unlikely to order an appetizer and main again.   All the portions are simply too large.
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