Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Milestone's at YVR Terminal A Lounge

I recently had to fly to Prince George for work and a Scouts Canada thing and therefore had to spend some time waiting for my plane at YVR in the domestic terminal.

I needed to eat lunch and dropped in on the Milestone's Palomino's in the domestic terminal. The setting was nice enough and the service was decent. Because it was busy I offered to share my table with someone else, though I was rude and ignored her because of a mild headache.

I ordered the popcorn shrimp.   The mayo with them was very good, but the size of the shrimp was tiny and it felt like they were frozen ones and not made freshly.   The portion was large, bordering on too large to be reasonable as a starter.  Still I liked them even at $9.29

My main was a burger with yam fries.   The burger was ok but forgettable.  The yam fries were well done.   The price was $13.98, a dollar more than in town.

My beer was a Stella for $7.99, steep but not as bad as the Club Soda at $2.89.

My total bill for lunch came to $36.66 before tip.

If I were not at the airport and had no other real options this is not where I would have gone.

On Sunday morning I arrived back at YVR early and needed breakfast before meeting Sheila at IKEA.   I went here again.   I had the breakfast sandwich for $10.59, totally forgetable.   My coffee was $2.59.

Forgettable food for airport prices

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