Sunday, June 20, 2010

Swan's Brew Pub is one of the best in the world

Ian Wright wrote an article in Outpost magazine and named the top ten destinations in the world, here is what he had to say about #1

1. Local pubs, anywhere: “I really love pubs. I remember one called Swans Brewpub, in Victoria, B.C. It serves local beer, has a great menu and it’s also open late! I want to go to a pub where there’s a good chance that everyone and anyone will chat—even complete strangers—and talk drunken crap all night.”

Swan' made it to the top, I am impressed.

I like Swan's but rarely get a chance to go there.  It is not really close at hand for me to walk to and I am no longer of an age where I go downtown to go drinking.   I should go there again sometime soon, maybe this is where Terry Glavin and I should go for our next beer.

The beer is what is a draw for me, they brew some of the best I have had in this city.  I like their British beers more than their continental ones.   They really do brew a good stout and their pale ale is worth writing home about.

I have always liked their beer, but my one major complaint is that is very loud in the pub.   I like to be able to talk with people when I drinking and a very loud room makes this difficult.   I have to admit I have rarely tried to the food, so I have little to comment on in that respect.

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