Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coombs Livestock Swap

Via email today:

From: "Ev"
Date: June 4, 2010 10:01:02 PM PDT
To: "Friends of Coombs Swap"
Subject: Coombs Farm Animal and Poultry Swap

Coombs Fairgrounds

Sunday June 6 – 11 am to Noon

The first Sunday of each month until November

This may be the last Coombs Swap as we have come to know it.

Starting soon, possibly in July, the Swap will be modeled after a Farmers Market - with vendor fees applicable.

During the last two years the Coombs Farmers Institute, who own the fairgrounds, have been generous enough to provide the venue to hold the Swap at no cost. However, since the Swap has grown to the size that it has and vendors are using it as a reliable source of revenue the Farmers Institute feel, and rightly so, that rental fees should be collected just as they are for any other event that requires a meeting room, building, or other facilities that exist at the Fairgrounds. Since the suggested donations of 10% of sales have not materialized the Swap must be put on a more firm user-pay basis so that costs, such as the rental fees and promotion, can be met.

This is presently in negotiations and I will supply you with more details in subsequent eNewsletters.

Look Who’s Coming

One breeder emails, “I will be bringing some Silver Laced Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds, and rumpless Araucanas. I might also have some nearly day-old Khaki Campbell and Pekin ducklings”.

A local breeder will be bringing Lavender Guinea Fowl keets, excellent birds for eating ticks and other insects, chasing Ravens and sounding the alarm if any strangers come onto your property".

Another breeder is bringing:
8 week old pullets..............Light and Dark Brahma
5 week old chicks..............Unsexed....Barred Rock, Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Reds
4 week old pullets..............Barred Rock
Week old..........................Unsexed......Australorps
Khaki Campbell.................5 month Trio
Pekin Ducks......................8 weeks unsexed
Runner Ducklings...............3 weeks...unsexed
Muscovy Ducklings............2 weeks..unsexed.
Meat Birds........................5 weeks

Please Note:

Once again we will be sharing the Fairgrounds with the people attending the Annual Gun Show on June 6.  This means that we will, once again, be moving the Swap up onto the grassy area behind the barns. This is ideal in that it gives us a lot more space for vendors and for the public to park. And henceforth the Swap will be held in this part of the Fairgrounds.

To avoid congestion at the main gate we Swap people should enter the grounds by way of the South gate. I will fence it off but if any vendors get there before I do please nose in squarely to the perimeter fence in an orderly line up behind the Red Barn. Buyers and the public please use the middle of the area to park, staying away from the fences.

A bonus to having the Gun Show people there is that they put on a nice Pancake Breakfast that we are welcome to attend, and they also have a lunch menu.

Even More::::::::: the same day at the Fairgrounds in the big new building there is going to be the first of what they expect to be a regular Flea Market and Craft Show. Tables are $10.00, set up the day before because it starts at 8 am on Sunday. For more information call Chris at: 250-752-7414

So big goings on at Coombs on Sunday so plan on spending a lot more time there than usual and enjoying it all.
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