Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cafe Rustico - 3136 Main Street Vancouver

The other weekend I was over in Vancouver and needed to go for lunch the one day while Sheila was at her course and I was looking for somewhere in the Mount Pleasant area. I was looking for an authentic pizza and thought Cafe Rustico was going to fill the bill.  I should have left once I had entered the place as it was clearly not going to be what I expected.   It looks like a thinly stocked deli that serves some food.

I ordered a pizza, it was bad.   The crust was thick and hard and the there were too many toppings.  I was having a late lunch and therefore was hungry, but hardly hungry enough to make this pizza palatable.  

Could I do better at home?   Yes, without even thinking at all.   If this food is there norm, I wonder how they manage to remain in business.

I will be giving this place a miss.

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