Monday, November 15, 2010

A winter garden

I am trying to put in some sort of winter garden this year, but I hate the cold wet rainy weather, I hate to go outside.   I know I should do something, but it is just a weather that I hate.  

I have a lot of fall rye that should have been planted already.

I have a set up to have some cloches for the plants so that I could plant various greens like spinach, mache, kale and lettuce.  I would even try some radishes.   I know from the UVic Weather Network that I have very little danger of a killing frost at my house most years, especially if I have covers for the plants.

So what stops me?   A damp outside is soul destroyingly depressing to me.  If the weather dries up a bit tomorrow I will try and see what I can get done.
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