Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gyoza King on Robson Street in Vancouver

View of sunset over English Bay from hotel room
We were in Vancouver over the weekend because Sheila had a course she was attending,  during that time we had a chance to go to a number of restaurants in the city and I will give my impression of a number of them over the next day or two.
Entrance to the Gyoza King

I am starting with a favorite of ours, the Gyoza King on Robson Street near Nicola in the Westend of Vancouver.   We had managed to get a good deal on the ferry and hotel room from BC Ferries through their new travel packages program.  We stayed at the Coast at Denman and Comox and were upgraded to a suite at no extra cost.

Sheila was insistent that we go to the Gyoza King on one of the nights, so we went there on Friday night.   We arrived at 5:25 because we know that there are no reservations and if you get there after 6 on a Friday you are likely going to have to wait in line to get a seat.   There are not a lot of tables in the restaurant.

I grew up in the Lower Mainland and spent many hours downtown and in the Westend in the 1970s and early 80s.   The area restaurants have changed a lot, there is a huge selection of Japanese restaurants in the Westend, it seems to be almost every second restaurant in the area though the focus of most them is in sushi which makes the Gyoza King a bit more unique.
Sheila excited by menu choices

The menu as more interesting things to choose from than we can eat and really require us to come there numerous times to work our way through the whole menu.   I was overwhelmed and left the ordering to Sheila.

Agedashi Tofu
Sheila is not a fan of seafoods which meant all those options would not be among out choices.   She started us with the agedashi tofu.   On teh surface it looks like a large block of tofu sitting in some broth, which I guess is what it is, but this does not tell you anything about the dish.   The tofu is of a much better quality than I have ever found in a store to buy, it has a subtle flavour and a delicate texture.   The broth has the right edge and saltiness to compliment the tofu.   The tofu has a small ribbons of seaweed and bonito flakes on top for some other texture and flavour.
Chicken and pork gyoza along with deep fried prawns

This being the Gyoza King, we needed to eat some gyoza and Sheila ordered us two different types, a chicken one and a pork one.   I try to cook gyoza at home but I never manage to get something like what we get at this restaurant, I will admit I use frozen ones and not ones that I made myself, I am sure it would make a difference if I made them from scratch, but the skill needed to put together the pouches intimidates me.

We ordered some deep fried prawns for me because I like them and they were done to perfection with a nice spicy sauce.   I need to learn how to bread with panko bread crumbs.

We got out of there for just over $50 for the whole meal with drinks and tip.

Can I do as well at home?   No, I do not the skills or learning to be able to replicate the food.

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