Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beacon and Eggs

This is a small cafe in the same strip mall on Beacon Avenue as the Safeway.   I was there for a lunchtime meeting with Wally du Temple who is running for North Saanich council.

The setting is generic but clean.   There is nothing about it that says you should go out of your way to go here.   The first issue of concern for me was the coffee, it was bitter with an almost burnt flavour but at the same time not very strong.   Entirely unforgettable though still better than Tim Horton's.

The service was friendly and good, what I would expect of this sort of restaurant.

I ordered a BLT with a salad.    The salad was decent enough and not just some iceberg lettuce and a few tomatoes.  The greens were fresh and there was some shaved beet on it, problem is I am not big salads, for me it was all about the sandwich.

I found the bread overly toasted and very dry.   There was not enough mayo on it to counter the dry toast.   They were light on bacon and used tomatoes that were about texture and not flavour.   I am not sure why any restaurant would have a dish on the menu that used fresh tomatoes if they can not source good local ones?   Drop the BLT till next year if you are not getting juicy amazing local fruit.

Can I do better at home?   No problem at all, especially when it comes to the coffee.  Am I being harsh on a local small cafe?  Not at all, the basics needed to make simple stellar food is around us and too many people are willing to accept 'OK' as good enough.

Would I go here again?   Sure, if someone wanted to meet at this location, but I am very unlikely to choose to go there on my own, there are too many other places I would like to try in the area.

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