Monday, October 25, 2010

Planting for the winter and thoughts about the yard in the depressing time of year

This year I am going to try and plant so that I get some greens all winter long.   I am thinking lettuce, spinach and mache.   I am also going to plant a bunch of fall rye as a green manure, the soil seems to be a bit light in power at the moment.   I also need to turn out the compost and the chicken manure on the bed soon as well.  

I should have done all of these things last weekend as we now have hit the waterlogged time of year.   I need pay attention and work outside for an hour or two when the weather permits even if it is a weekday.

I had been thinking about planting some broccoli in the fall to have it for the spring, but I left it too late to sow into the ground.   I should have had that done in September, maybe next year?   I still have not managed to make that transition in my mind to year round veggie gardening after all those years in Lillooet.   I also have to admit that I hate rain, I really, really hate rain, I can not stand to be out in it and even find the sound of it at the moment from the cars on the street depressing.  

Beyond veggies, I have some major outdoor jobs that should be done but I am avoiding because of the damp cool weather.   I have a fence to finish and I need to majorly prune the fig tree - the think is an unruly monster and I have to bring it into some manner of control.

I have thought about cruising the nurseries and seeing if anyone has any deals on trees or perennials, we could still plant them and expect them to survive.

Should it clear up, I will take some pics.
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