Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Turkey massacre

Yesterday I cooked the worst meal I have cooked in a very, very long time. I am stunned at how badly it went as I know how to do the turkey thing. I am putting it down to a wicked headache I had yesterday, the sort that makes you nauseous.

Error 1 - I wildly over cooked the turkey. My pain addled brain meant I made an error in timing, I ended up cooking the turkey about 25-30% longer than I should have. Dry, that bird was dry like Lillooet in the summer.

Error 2 - I screwed up the cranberry jelly, it did not set and has still not set as of this morning. I have no idea what I did wrong, I make jams and jellies all the time and it goes right all the time expect for yesterday.

Error 3 - The beets and turnips were not roasted properly - this comes down to the oven is not really big enough to roast a turkey and do anything else. I tried to boil then fry the beets, they ended up being insipid. The turnips and parsnips were not horrible, but they were not exciting either.

Error 4 - The pumpkin pie was not setting. This was not my error as my niece made it. It was her first pumpkin pie and I have no idea what happened to make it not set.

What worked out was the stuffing and a warm roasted corn and scarlet runner bean salad.
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