Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Victoria Tuna Butcher! A Crime Against Fish!

I bought another whole tuna on Sunday from a boat at the government wharf in Sooke. I massacred the beautiful albacore tuna.

I did this a couple of years ago and discovered how different a tuna is than any other fish I have cut up.  I did an awful job of that one, I did not even know a tuna came in quarters and not halves.   I thought I had learned enough to do a good job this time.   I was wrong, so very, very wrong.

I started off fine, but soon my cutting actions were ripping the flesh in each quadrant and my handling of the fish was crushing the flesh.  I ended up with a lot less fish than I wanted and it was not in solid chunks.

It is depressing to even look at the fish let alone cook with it.   I am not sure where I am going to go with he tuna.

The prawns I got were amazing.
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