Friday, October 8, 2010

Eating at Fairway Market on Quadra

After I was finished throwing pottery at Hands On Pottery Studio on Quadra, I released it was three o'clock and I had not eaten lunch. I knew the Fairway was nearby and offered various foods you can eat in the store.

I ordered the three selections with rice for $8.99. The portion was huge, actually too much for me to eat, though I did because I was very, very hungry. The food itself was mall food court quality, which was a disappointment as I had hoped for something better.

I had chicken and greens beans with black sauce - not too bad. The sesame chicken was gloppy and heavy. The honey garlic pork was gloopy as well. The flavours, other than the beans, were muted and forgettable.

As I said, this mall food court quality and is nothing more than fuel. It is still much, much better than what you can eat at Wings, but then I have yet to have had as bad a meal as I had at Wings. There was a meal with my parents in communist Poland in 1979 that still takes the prize for worst meal ever.

All said and done, I will still shop at Fairway, they have an interesting selection and good prices, I am not going to eat there again.

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