Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wings Restaurant on Gorge Road

We are still pulled down by all that is happening in our lives and so we went out for dinner again, this time to Wing's Restaurant at 90 Gorge Road West. They do a Chinese buffet, though they have not been reviewed by the Victoria Buffet Blog. (see comment below from Guy of that Blog)

We got there at 5:45 on a Monday evening and saw that there were a number of tables filled, this stopped us from leaving as it could not be as bad as the smell indicated. More people came in as we were there for dinner, though I do not know why.

The choices were pretty standard, but the quality was not very good. The food was bland and soaked in MSG. The food looked like it had been sitting for sometime, this is just before 6pm. I shudder to think that it may have been from lunch, that is much too long for food safety, but I can not explain it otherwise.

The whole place felt like the owners were not trying very hard at all. The one positive about the place is that it is cheap, $7.75 per person, I am assuming that is what is attracting the clientele.

I really am not a fan of MSG, it seems to react with me badly when I get a lot of it, it seems to make my ADD worse than normal. I ended up not eating much food. Sheila ate even less than I did.

All I can say about the place is that it is best avoided. It is marginally better than Chinese City Buffet in Vic West, but that is sort of like saying a root canal is better than having a bone set. I am not going to chose either one for fun.

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